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Mechanical Design Services

In the realm of building services and infrastructure, Proton Built Environment is proud to offer a suite of state-of-the-art Mechanical Design Services tailored to meet the needs of the modern built environment. Our team of experts ensures that every design not only meets but exceeds industry standards, ensuring the optimum functionality and longevity of the systems we put in place.

Image by William Daigneault


Ventilation and Cooling Systems:

Breathing life into buildings, our advanced ventilation and cooling solutions ensure optimal air quality and temperature regulation. These systems are designed for efficiency, ensuring that occupants are comfortable while maintaining environmental sustainability.


Intelligent Building Management Systems:

The future of building management lies in intelligence and automation. Our cutting-edge building management systems offer seamless control over various building functions, optimizing energy use, ensuring comfort, and providing real-time monitoring capabilities.


Low Temperature Hot Water Heating Installation:

Modern challenges require innovative solutions. Our low temperature hot water heating installations offer an energy-efficient way to maintain indoor warmth. By operating at lower temperatures, these systems offer increased efficiency and longevity.

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