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Established in 2021 Proton Built Environment provide high quality building services engineering solutions, through our core values - collaboration, dedication, creativity and accountability. We are committed to ensuring your requirements are fully understood from inception through to completion. Proton Built Environment are able to offer a complete range of building services solutions, designed to meet the challenging conditions in the modern day built environment. Through technical advice, established on in-depth industry knowledge, we will ensure that building services run efficiently and that existing infrastructure meets legislative obligations, to achieve the highest energy objective and enhance the working environment.

Meet the Team at Proton Built Environment

Certified Professionals Here to Serve You

Behind every successful company is a team of dedicated individuals who bring their expertise, passion, and commitment to the table. At Proton Built Environment, our personnel is the driving force behind our promise of delivering high-quality building services engineering solutions. Here's a closer look at the key members of our staff:



Founder & Director

Spyros Sergiou is not just the backbone but the very soul of Proton Built Environment. With a vision to revolutionize the built environment sector, he laid the foundation for the company in 2021. His commitment to our core values - collaboration, dedication, creativity, and accountability - is unmatched. Under his leadership, the company has grown leaps and bounds, always staying true to ensuring clients' requirements are comprehensively understood and met. With an acute sense of the industry's dynamics, Spyros has been instrumental in steering the company to new heights, establishing it as a name in building services solutions.



Senior Mechanical Engineer

David Clarke, with his expertise in Mechanical Engineering, has been a vital asset to the Proton Built Environment team. His vast knowledge and experience in the field ensure that the solutions provided are not just effective but also innovative. David has a knack for understanding the intricacies of complex projects and devising strategies that align perfectly with the modern-day challenges of the built environment. Whether it's optimizing energy objectives or enhancing the working conditions, always pushing the envelope in mechanical engineering solutions.



Junior Mechanical Engineer

Mohammed Hamzah brings a fresh perspective and an eagerness to learn and innovate. Despite being a Junior Mechanical Engineer, Mohammed has showcased immense dedication and a keen eye for detail. He works closely under the mentorship of David Clarke, absorbing industry knowledge and applying it with zest. Mohammed's enthusiasm and drive to continually better himself have made him an integral part of the team. He represents the future of Proton Built Environment, echoing the company's ethos of collaboration and creativity.



Electrical Engineer

Andrew Sergiou, an accomplished Electrical Engineer, serves as the driving force behind the innovative electrical designs at Proton Built Environment. His extensive expertise in electrical systems, combined with a uniquely creative approach. Andrew's commitment to excellence ensures that every project he undertakes not only fulfills but surpasses the demanding electrical standards of contemporary buildings. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive attitude, Andrew is adept at foreseeing potential challenges and designing solutions that are both effective and efficient.

In conclusion, the team at Proton Built Environment is a blend of seasoned expertise and youthful exuberance. Each member, with their unique strengths, contributes to the collective goal of providing superior building services solutions to our clients. Their combined efforts ensure that Proton Built Environment remains at the forefront of the industry, setting benchmarks and shaping the future of the built environment.

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