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Electrical Design Services

In the modern era, as structures become more technologically integrated and the demand for reliable electrical systems increases, Proton Built Environment takes pride in its comprehensive Electrical Design Services. With an emphasis on safety, innovation, and reliability, our offerings cover the full spectrum of electrical design to ensure that structures are powered optimally and sustainably.



High Voltage Electricity Supply:

For large-scale projects that demand significant power, our expertise in high voltage electricity supply is paramount. We design systems that can handle vast amounts of power safely and efficiently, ensuring the robustness and reliability of the entire electrical framework.


Low Voltage Distribution:

Our designs for low voltage distribution ensure that power is delivered seamlessly to areas of the building where high voltage isn't necessary.

This ensures energy efficiency and caters to the specific needs of each section of a structure.


Small Power, Telecommunications and Data Supply and Distribution:

In our digital age, connectivity is everything. Our designs for small power, telecommunications, and data supply ensure uninterrupted connectivity, facilitating smooth operations and instantaneous communication.


Critical Systems Providing Resilience:

We understand the importance of always-on systems, especially in mission-critical environments. Our designs incorporate uninterruptable power supplies and standby generation, ensuring that there's never a break in power, even during unforeseen circumstances.


Small Power Supply and Distribution:

Every corner of a building, from workstations to common areas, requires a reliable power source. Our small power supply and distribution designs are meticulous, ensuring that power is available wherever and whenever it's needed.


Energy Efficient Lighting and Control Systems:

Lighting is not just about illumination; it's about setting the right mood and conserving energy. Our designs focus on energy-efficient lighting solutions that can be controlled seamlessly, ensuring optimal lighting conditions while minimising energy consumption.


Fire Alarm Systems including PA/VA systems:

Safety is always a top priority. Our fire alarm systems are designed to detect even the slightest hint of danger, ensuring timely alerts. The integration of Public Address and Voice Alarm systems ensures that evacuation, if needed, is swift and orderly.


Fire Suppression Systems:

Beyond alarms, we design state-of-the-art fire suppression systems that act quickly to prevent the spread of fire, safeguarding both assets and lives.


Telephone and Communication Structured Systems:

In our interconnected world, efficient communication is key. Our telephone and communication systems are structured for seamless interaction, whether within the building or with the outside world.


Access Control System – Digital, Biometrics, Recognition:

Security in modern structures requires advanced solutions. From digital passcodes to biometric scans and facial recognition, our access control systems are at the forefront of security technology.


CCTV Surveillance Systems:

Keeping an eye on every nook and cranny is crucial for modern security. Our CCTV designs offer comprehensive surveillance, ensuring that every inch of the premises is monitored.


Intruder Alarm and Detection Systems:

To deter unauthorised access, our intruder alarm and detection systems are designed to alert promptly, ensuring that potential breaches are swiftly addressed.

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