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CAT B Refurbishment

This case study is about a CAT A refurbishment project in London, UK. The project was undertaken by Proton Built Environment  and involved the refurbishment of 15,000 sqft of commercial office space over three floors. The scope of work included the design and installation of mechanical and public health services, as well as electrical services co-ordination. The project was completed within a duration of 24 weeks and had a value of £2.3 million.



Client Requirements:

The client required partial exposure of the services within the breakout areas and reception. The brief was to provide self-contained/demised Mechanical and Public Health (ME&PH) services to the floors and to meet the latest energy-efficient design.

Services Provided:

The project team, led by NDS Mechanical, engaged Proton Built Environment to provide mechanical and public health services design. The design for the new open plan space and toilet core included LED lighting, efficient lighting controls, on-floor/demised mechanical ventilation heat recovery units (MVHR), and VRV multi-split air conditioning system.


The project had several challenges, especially with the installation of the on-floor MVHR ventilation system. The units had to be installed within the restrictive on-floor plant rooms adjacent to the louvres, which posed a significant challenge for the team. However, with careful planning and coordination, the team was able to overcome the challenges and deliver the project on time and within budget.


The project was successfully completed within the scheduled duration of 24 weeks, and the final outcome met the client's expectations. The new installation of MEP systems provided the desired environmental conditions to meet the latest energy-efficient design. The self-contained/demised ME&PH services to the floors ensured that the services were partially exposed within the breakout areas and reception as per the client's requirement.


The CAT A refurbishment of the commercial office space in London was a challenging project that required careful planning and coordination. The successful completion of the project is a testament to the expertise of the project team and the quality of the services provided by Proton Built Environment. The final outcome provided the desired environmental conditions and partially exposed services, meeting the client's requirements.

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