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CAT B Refurbishment

Quell Therapeutics, a biotechnology company, required a Cat B fit out for their new offices and laboratory located at i-Hub in White City, London. The project was managed by Savills, with Mansfield Monk as the architect and OD Interiors as the main contractor. Proton Built Environment was appointed to provide mechanical and public health services design and full coordination for the project, with a contract value of £2.0 million and a duration of 24 weeks.

Image by Maarten Brakkee



Project Description:

The project involved the conversion of the landlord's shell and core into new offices and a laboratory for Quell Therapeutics, located on the Imperial University Campus in White City, London. One of the key challenges was the placement and integration of mechanical services in the laboratory, freezer/storerooms, and fume extract cupboards on the limited space available on the third floor of the building. Proton Built Environment had to ensure that the services were designed and coordinated effectively to meet the specific requirements of Quell Therapeutics and adapt them to the base build of the building.


Limited working hours: The building was occupied during the construction stage, and noisy works were restricted to early hours of the day and evening. This required meticulous planning and monitoring by Proton Built Environment to ensure that the tight deadline was met while adhering to the noise restrictions.

Coordination of mechanical services: The specialised nature of mechanical services required for the laboratory, freezer/storerooms, and fume extract cupboards required careful coordination to ensure proper integration and adaptation from base build to Quell Therapeutics' requirements. Proton Built Environment worked closely with the project team to ensure that the mechanical services were designed and installed correctly, taking into account the limited space available.

Adapting to client requirements: Quell Therapeutics had specific requirements for their laboratory and office spaces, and Proton Built Environment had to ensure that the design and installation of mechanical services met these requirements. This required close collaboration with the client and regular communication to ensure that any changes or modifications were incorporated effectively into the project.


Despite the challenges posed by limited working hours and specialised requirements for mechanical services, Proton Built Environment successfully delivered the Cat B fit out for Quell Therapeutics at i-Hub, White City, London. Through effective coordination, collaboration with the project team, and careful planning, the project was completed within the 24-week timeframe, meeting the client's requirements and expectations.

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